Start-up visa

In October 2022 Bulgarian government officially introduced the Start-up visa allowing entrepreneurs to reside in Bulgaria and develop high-tech and/or innovative projects in the country. The Start-up visa is not bound by requirements for a minimum financial investment and there is no need to open a certain number of job positions for Bulgarian citizens. Therefore, [...]

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Временная защита для украинских граждан. ВНЖ и ПМЖ в Болгарии

01.04.2022 состоялся наш вебинар "Временная защита для украинских граждан. ВНЖ и ПМЖ в Болгарии". Вы можете скачать презентацию Power Point по указанной ниже ссылке: Временная защита для украинских граждан. ВНЖ и ПМЖ в Болгарии

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Временная защита для граждан Украины в Болгарии

Содержание этой статьи регулярно обновляется 3 марта 2021 года Европейский совет активировал Директиву о временной защите граждан Украины, въезжающих на территорию государств-членов Европейского Союза. Согласно новым правилам, все граждане Украины, въезжающие в Болгарию (или другую страну-участницу), имеют право на получение карты временной защиты со сроком действия 1 год. Правила процедуры оформления временной защиты (до 1 [...]

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Residence permit on the basis of trade representative office of a foreign legal entity

Increasing number of foreign legal entities establish trade representative offices (“TRO”) with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (“BCCI”) in Bulgaria. Each TRO gives the right to residence of up to three foreign nationals coming from a Non-EU countries who shall be appointed as trade representatives of the particular TRO. The residence permit is [...]

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Single Residence and Work Permit

The Single Residence and Work Permit constitutes a combined work and residence permit issued for a period up to 3 years to Non-EU nationals who have been invited to work for a Bulgarian employer. The process for obtaining a Single Residence and Work Permit could be divided into five main steps. Submission of an application [...]

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Extension of the validity of personal documents for Bulgarian and foreign nationals

Part of the new anti-epidemic measures adopted in Bulgaria include extension of the validity of personal documents for Bulgarian and foreign nationals who reside in Bulgaria. Extension of the validity of personal documents of prolonged residents According to the newly adopted amendments to the Act on the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria, a foreign [...]

New anti-epidemic measures in Bulgaria

This Article contains up-to-date information at the time of its publication (4th December 2020). For further information please reach out to Bulgarian Government has decided to accept the proposals of the National Operational Headquarters and the Minister of Health and as of 27th November 2020 new anti-epidemic measures enter into force in the country. [...]

Residence permit for EU citizens in Bulgaria

The widely accepted general principles of European Union law include among others the so-called “Four Freedoms" and namely: • Free movement of goods • Free movement of capital • Freedom to establish and provide services • Free movement of persons The Bulgarian legislation adopts the principle of free movement of persons by ensuring that every [...]

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Покупка на недвижим имот в България. Какво трябва да знаем?

For English click here. Покупката на недвижим имот винаги е свързана с много предизвикателства – преговори с продавача, дискусия с банката, калкулация на предстоящите разходи за нотариални такси, довършителни работи и други. В стремежа си да разрешим най-спешните и практични проблеми, понякога не отделяме достатъчно внимание на най-важния въпрос – проверка и задълбочено проучване по [...]

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Key legal checklist for buying a real estate in Bulgaria

Purchasing real estate is always related to many challenges – negotiations with the seller, discussions with the bank, calculation of the expenses for notary fees, renovation works and others. However, in the hustle of solving the most urgent and practical matters, some of us pay little attention to the most important point – comprehensive research [...]

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