Areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise are commercial, civil and labour law.

Corporate law

Berg Law is a law firm with a focus on corporate legal matters. We provide complete legal assistance to Bulgarian and foreign legal entities, including registration of any type of commercial enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, drafting of corporate documents including articles of association, drafting of contracts with counterparties, drafting of general terms and conditions, performance of legal due diligence on Bulgarian entities, etc.

Personal data and GDPR

The protection of personal data and the compliance with the new rules under GDPR is one of the areas where Berg Law can provide comprehensive legal assistance. Depending on the needs of your company, we will draft customized documents such as general terms, privacy policy, declarations for the employees and the clients, etc. Berg Law offers a specialized external service “Data Protection Officer” on a subscription basis. The team has the necessary qualifications and expertise to perform all related functions.

Real estate

Berg Law provides comprehensive legal services regarding all aspects of real estate business including thorough analysis of the ownership and the relevant documents for the particular real estate, drafting of preliminary contracts, notary deeds and mediation during negotiations. Berg Law offers legal assistance regarding all matters related to rental relations including but not limited to drafting of rental agreements, assistance in case of unduly terminated contracts, caused damages, etc.

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Litigation and Arbitration

Berg Law represents clients in all stages of domestic litigation, domestic and international arbitration, in courts of all levels and arbitral tribunals. We help clients make well-informed decisions by showing them the legal perspective of the relevant case facts and presenting a suitable action strategy. Berg Law assists clients with all matters related to the litigation dispute including drafting of statements of claims, statements of defense, appeals, counter-claims etc.

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs)

Berg Law has a thorough experience with registration and legal assistance for not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) in Bulgaria. Ms. Berg has been an active member of the Bulgarian NPO sector for many years in her capacity as a member of the Board of as well as an attorney of NPOs in different sectors.


Polina Berg has been registered as a mediator with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice since her graduation in the mediation program in Rotterdam, Netherlands and passing an exam in Bulgaria. In her capacity as a mediator, Polina assists clients during negotiations, offers alternatives for dispute resolution and carries out a complete mediation between the parties from start to finish.

Labour law

Berg Law provides legal assistance with respect to all types of labour law matters including drafting of all documents necessary for the employer, legal assistance and mediation in case of labour law disputes and cases, etc.

Residence permit in Bulgaria. Bulgarian citizenship

Successfully assisting foreigners in acquiring a residence permit in Bulgaria and Bulgarian citizenship is our mission with every client, regardless of the case complexity. The law firm has extensive experience with the procedures and bureaucratic nuances for acquiring short-term (C Visa) and long-term visas (D Visa), temporary, permanent and long-term residence permits on different legal grounds, as well as Bulgarian citizenship by origin, naturalization.

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