Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization

Foreign nationals with permanent residency in the Republic of Bulgaria are eligible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship as the next logical step from which they can benefit. Legal basis According to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, Bulgarian citizenship may be obtained by a person who: is an adult or a minor represented by its parents/guardians; has [...]

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Extension of the validity of personal documents for Bulgarian and foreign nationals

Part of the new anti-epidemic measures adopted in Bulgaria include extension of the validity of personal documents for Bulgarian and foreign nationals who reside in Bulgaria. Extension of the validity of personal documents of prolonged residents According to the newly adopted amendments to the Act on the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria, a foreign [...]

New anti-epidemic measures in Bulgaria

This Article contains up-to-date information at the time of its publication (4th December 2020). For further information please reach out to pberg@berglaw.eu. Bulgarian Government has decided to accept the proposals of the National Operational Headquarters and the Minister of Health and as of 27th November 2020 new anti-epidemic measures enter into force in the country. [...]

Immigration to Bulgaria

Rising numbers of Non-EU nationals start considering immigration to Bulgaria as the next step in their lives. Naturally, before taking such an important decision, the legal background of the procedure should be taken into account Foreigners (Non-EU nationals) who would like to stay in Bulgaria for a period longer than 90 days within any 180 [...]

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