Адвокатска кантора Berg Law

Berg Law е адвокатска кантора, основана от адвокат Полина Берг и включва асоциирани адвокати – експерти в различни сфери на правото включително трудово право, защита на личните данни, търговско право, недвижими имоти и др

Полина Берг е адвокат /член на Софийска Адвокатска Колегия/ и медиатор. Завършва право в Софийски Университет «Св. Климент Охридски» и специализира в Erasmus School of Law, Ротердам, Холандия. Полина работи в продължение на няколко години в международна адвокатска кантора, където придобива опит в областта на трудовото право, гражданското и търговското право, арбитража и международните вливания и придобивания.

Полина Берг е арбитър в международни състезания по право и член на Управителния съвет на най-голямата онлайн платформа за правна информация в България.

Полина Берг и асоциираните адвокати от Berg Law предоставят правни консултации и съдействие на международни компании с дъщерни дружества в България, както и на компании, ангажирани в развитието на информационни, сателитни и комуникационни технологии, ресторантьорски бизнеси, строителни компании и други.

Какво споделят нашите клиенти?

“Being an American expat in Bulgaria, there are many intricacies of local law that I simply don’t understand. Polina at Berg Law has been there every step of the way, guiding me through decisions and transactions at every turn. She is thoughtful, professional and detail-oriented.

Thanks to Polina and Berg Law, I feel confident when making decisions and know that I have a partner who helps limit my liability, walk me through complex legal situations as well as save me time and money. I frequently recommend Berg Law to friends and family and can say confidently they’ll be the right choice for your needs!”


“I first was impressed by Ms Berg during a public presentation. When I approached her for advice and action about personal legal matters, I appreciated her spot-on advice, thorough legal service, efficiency delivery and support throughout the case. I have recommended her to friends who have also given me positive feedbacks about their interaction with her. “


“I can’t thank Polina Berg and Berg Law enough for the amazing work they have done. I strongly recommend them! I reached out to Polina Berg after reading her amazing reviews. She helped me resolving an issue with my employer, who fired me when I was on my maternity leave. Her knowledge of the labor law, self- confidence and her experience helped solving my issue to the best of my interest. Polina was always reachable, respectful and caring. I really appreciate everything Berg Law have done to bring my case to the successful end.”


„I’ve worked with several lawyers in Bulgaria and Polina is the best by far for many reasons. I’ll continue to use Berg Law firm for all my personal and business related legal matters. I feel that anything Polina is working on for me will be done extremely well and I don’t have to worry or check up on along the way. So far she has gotten very positive results for my cases.

Polina is a nice person to work with in addition to being an absolute professional. She’s delivered everything on time or early and is constantly proactive. She is extremely communicative and responsive. Her guidance and instructions are always completely clear and comprehensive (which is very hard to find in Bulgaria). She keeps herself updated on new legal developments and does everything possible to find answers when the authorities are not clear. It’s easy to work with her because she’s able to expertly mix the personal factors of the situation with the legal aspects to find the best possible solution for both.

Polina has also gone above and beyond what was expected from one part of my case to adjust to the Covid-19 situation without requesting an additional contract for the extra work. Her payment terms are extremely fair and transparent (also hard to find in Bulgaria).“


„Адвокат Полина Берг е изключителен професионалист, чиито услуги ползвам вече 5 години. Щастлива и спокойна съм за всяко свое бизнес начинание!“


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